Teaching Profession – Power To Impact Future Generations


I would like to write to you about one of the most ‘powerful’ career in the world. I’m not talking about the kind of power or authority that comes with a fancy designation or with a high salary, but the power to impact future generations. I’m sure you have guessed that the career I am talking about is that of an educationist, or a teacher to be more specific. A good teacher can have a very positive impact on the student he/she teaches or interacts with. A bad teacher, on the other hand, can have a very detrimental impact on a student’s development.

Our country is witnessing  a fair amount of reforms and streamlining in the education sector, however we are still far from what we should or could be. We need lots of intelligent, hard- working and sensitive people to join the education sector to change how we think about education. Teaching is probably one of the most fulfilling professions on earth. It provides you the opportunity to forge deeply rewarding relationships with your students. Contrary to what many people think, teaching requires hard-work, perseverance, resilience as well as intelligence and open-mindedness. Not everyone has what it takes to be a teacher. Along with Indian curriculums like CBSE (which is undergoing reforms), we have excellent international curriculums like the International Baccalaureate being offered in many top Indian schools. I recently interacted with over 200 teachers who teach this curriculum and most of them said that teaching the IB curriculum has enriched their personal lives and has nourished them both at an intellectual as well as emotional level. Not only would being an IB teacher be a very fulfilling job, data shows that the IB curriculum is expanding in almost every country, so even the employability factor is high. If you have not already considered being an IB teacher, visit their website (www.ibo.org) and decide for yourself.

There are many advantages of being a teacher. A career in teaching is more conducive to  maintaining a work-life balance as compared to a corporate job. It is more creative and interesting- you will constantly learn new things and if you join one of the more progressive private schools, you will have access to great infrastructure as well as the best technology. Your work will be exciting. Each day will bring a new challenge and a new learning!

However, there are downsides as well, which you should consider before making up your mind. A teacher’s job is difficult, especially for the first 1-5 years. Students can be difficult to handle and you have to really give yourself completely to your work. You have to be a fast learner and you have to be great at multitasking, communicating and  most importantly you have to be very patient, emotionally mature and forgiving. You have to be the kind of person who not only loves children and young adults but also respects them. And you have to flexible and open-minded, very flexible and open-minded. And you have to be ready to constantly learn and expand your thinking and way of working. As I said earlier, not everyone can be a teacher! You have to have what it takes or you have to work hard at acquiring what it takes.

Asiya Shervani

Author: Asiya Shervani

Asiya Shervani is an organizational development and talent management professional who has worked for 18 years in various high performing ITES start-ups as well as IT, Telecom and Education companies and is currently the Chief People Officer at People Combine Education Initiatives, one of the most progressive education companies in India and owns and manages several K-12 schools and over 60 playschools. She has set-up HR and training centers as well as implemented frameworks for high-potential employee development, pipeline building and succession planning. She has also supported and led large change management and culture building initiatives in a post-merger environment. She has designed and facilitated programs on conflict resolution, leadership, values, empathy, team dynamics, cross-cultural appreciation, communication, accountability, coaching and feedback. Asiya implemented several partnerships and alliances between the corporate and academic sector which enabled sharing of ideas and resources. You can write to Asiya at asiya.shervani@hotmail.com.


  1. Now a days it is considered that teachers or faculty are there simply because they could not find any other job. And it is true that full time teachers are miles apart from real life challenges that the candidates would face in the corporate. Hence it is important for real teachers to help the candidates connect with the real time situations, besides teaching them the basics.

  2. I agree that teaching is a noble profession that can empower generations. However, classroom coaching in India is extremely backward. Teachers should take care of making the learning process engaging so that candidates learn things by heart.

  3. You both make very valid points, Kavita and Raman. Our teaching has to be more application based. And yes, we need to equip our teachers with strategies on how to make learning more joyful and engaging. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I have just joined a job and receiving corporate training there. I wonder why such training was not introduced in the school level. I believe now the schools should also offer professional training.

  5. I want to join as a teacher but the private education institutes are offering very very paltry amount. Everyday I hear about how education sector is going to boom but I don’t see the salary of teachers are rising. Anyone knows where is the disconnect?

  6. Alkesh, many of the better schools are providing coaching and training which will help students become more competent professionals. We cannot only provide corporate -oriented training, as all students may not choose to join the corporate world. So we provide a variety of options in art, cinema, politics, finance and other spheres in our schools.
    Rishov, I cant speak about all private schools, but in our schools, we arrive at a teacher’s compensation and benefits in a very systematic way and ensure that those teachers who prove themselves and do an excellent job at all aspects of their work receive more opportunities and pay. I would urge you to not only look at the salary, but also opportunities to learn and develop as you consider job options. If you learn fast and prove yourself, I am sure things like better compensation will be a by-product. Those who focus on learning and contribution, end up with better pay packages in the longer run. In other words, once you gain a certain level of mastery in your craft, you will certainly see growth. But you have to be ready to put in hard work, dedication and commitment. In addition, you have to be able to constantly improve the quality of your work, based on the feedback you receive. As I said in the article, teaching is not an easy profession! All the best! Take care!

  7. Teaching is indeed a fastastic career option. It is fulfilling and an excellent career choice for those who want to be lifelong learners. With the growing number of schools and playschools coming up, I am sure there will be lots of opportunities. However, there has been a decline in the quality of teachers in the recent past and one hears about very obnoxious behaviour of the government school teachers who physically and mentally abuse children.

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  9. Teaching is truely the best profession for those who want to share their knowledge and who has the urge and enthusiasm to explain about how good it is to understand a particular subject of one’s interest completely by thinking logically, analysing it and experiencing the satisfaction in learning and especially for girls to balance their personal and professional lives.

  10. Teaching is also a new way of learning.
    A Teacher is the best guide in life.

  11. A good teacher is like a candle which consumes itself giving way for others..I believe teachers are next to our parents,, teaching profession is a good career option . Educational system in India is more theory based rather than practical based.

  12. Teaching profession is an honor for a teacher, as a good teacher will always be a role model for the students. A teacher is the next person after parents who leads the child in the right way as he/she understands the child’s psychology. And in today’s generation with the help of new technology in use a teacher can make a child capable of being independent. The additional benefit for a teacher as well as a student is the international curriculum which would be the best way of learning for both.

  13. We are all in favor of education, but we tend to take for granted the people who provide it. If our society cares about the future, it will resume giving teachers the support and credit they deserve…
    Simple slogan – ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher’.
    I believe that teachers can give children the tools by which they can become authors of their own life story and builders of a better world.

  14. As per me Teaching is an Excellent Profession, where the teacher can mould the Innocent Bud in to a Beautiful Flower…..here the Beauty refers to Knowledge able student. I would like to say just 1 thing
    ” Millionare can Produce 1 or 2 millionares ( who r they offspring) but the
    Teacher has the power to produce a Million Scholars”
    with this Thought in my mind, I want to be a Best Teacher.

  15. I want to become a teacher so that I can share my knowledge to upcoming generation. classroom coaching in India is extremely backward still.teaching should be interesting so that children learn it by enjoying the subjects.

  16. Teaching is one of the most principled professions. A teacher is always ready to impart her knowledge with her students. A good teacher must always be updated about her subject and she has to give her best to convey her thoughts to the students. It would be really great that all the schools in India take an initiative to educate the students practically than educating them theoretically.

  17. I believe that,teachers are the most responsible and important persons/members of the society.Teaching job is regarded as the noblest profession in the world.The quality of education in any educational institute depends on teachers basic qualities like patience,perseverance,pleasing personality etc.To be popular among students,teacher should understand their behaviour and speak to them in their language.Teacher’s don’t just teach,help young people to mature,to understand the world and themselves.Teacher is a mentor because they are responsible for the future of many a student.Teacher should reach to the level of the child for effective teaching. “The ordinary teacher tells.The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates.The great teacher inspires.”

  18. I believe a teacher is a guide , mentor , a second mother and plays a very important role in every students life . Being a teacher and teaching the subject is just not enough they should encourage their students in discovering their talents and inspire them in achieving their goals.when i look back i remember few of my teachers who really helped me seeking my own path. Teacher should be every good in understand a students psychology and how to handle a kid in even a worst situations .

  19. Liked the write up as it talks the post operative state of Sibalism as I call. Yes IB is something in. I would urge parents and educationist not to limit their thoughts on which syllabus is good or better. Rather adopt to the methodology which helps our young minds to take the accountability of their future than just being responsible. Accountability brings in a lot of students ownership. On the othe hand, probably this is the only profession that you are able to deal with 30 odd number of individuals with their own characters all at the same time. Have you ever seen or heard a lawyer arguing on 2 different cases at the same time the very same minute? Or a dentist performing a procedure on 2 people at the same time. That is greatness of an educationist. Teacher is just one role of an educationist. Life long lerners we are all together in this world. So welcome.

  20. That was a very good write up about various curricula and the necessities.
    We have achieved the educational goals , if we understand the situations the contemporary society that the young are living in, and truly develop them into a complete and competent students.
    This can be achieved only when the children are exposed to more than information based and text oriented .
    A ” proactive assignment”(that gives a free thinking space as well as a self structured learning), as/for the formative assessment will definitely help in making the children assimilate the learning and be explorative thinkers. Regards

  21. “We like to have the students accountable for their learning ” , then lets include a program of “self structured assignment” right from the beginning (pp1), where in the student after learning a concept ,will be asked to do an assignment on the same or in a connected or application oriented manner. For example if the children learnt about alphabets/numbers/colors/shapes ,let them do an assignment on a select concept.
    It is named as self structured ,because it helps in structuring the learning on their own. The guidance can be given in the form of basics of sensorial learning since it is at the kindergarten level.
    As the children progress , the learning strategies also progress by increasing complexity , thus making things clearer as per their aptitudes.

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